I have known Rozina for about 3 years, and what I have come to know is that she is extremely passionate about the projects she is involved in, or she is leading. She takes full responsibility and ownership of the projects. She understands her role and does justice to her role.

Taufiq Ahmadi

I’ve worked with Rozina as a Board Member of a non-profit, family services agency.  Rozina was a thoughtful, diligent presence, continually striving for excellence in governance and collaboration.  It has been a pleasure to get to know her personally and professionally.

Deb Best

I have had the pleasure of working with Rozina on a number of volunteer community initiatives for over 5 years.  I continue to be impressed by Rozina’s energy level, work ethic, keen intellect and her drive to better the lives of others.  Rozina works tirelessly to help lift people out of poverty by ensuring they have access to information, gain knowledge and feel empowered to make good financial decisions for themselves and their families.  I am pleased to support Rozina in her desire to be an elected Member of Parliament because I know she will put her determination and energy towards helping Canadians to have a prosperous future.

Mary Vellani

I volunteer with Rozina on the Board of Directors for ACT 2 Child and Family Services. I have found Rosina to be a deeply caring member of the board who always contributes to support for the organization and is always willing and able to contribute to problem solving for the organization. She brings a wealth of experience, knowledge, and commitment to the the board table. She would be an asset to any endeavour she undertakes.

Yvonne Gaetz

I met Rozina while we were both serving on the city of New Westminster’s Multicultural Advisory Council.
Rozina is articulate and communicates her ideas clearly and succinctly. She is very passionate about serving the community. She was well prepared and made meaningful contributions to the discussions in the council.  She will be a strong voice in parliament. 

Angela Sealy