Why I'm Running?

Rozina has spent her life in the public service advocating for those who are marginalized in our society, first as a social worker and then as social justice lawyer.  Rozina has spent her career fighting for justice on behalf of her clients. She understands well the barriers faced by those who are marginalized by society due to poverty, gender or racial discrimination. Social justice has always been an integral part of Rozina’s career as she fought for justice on behalf of her clients. Rozina is committed to dismantling the structural barriers which keep far too many of people from realizing their true potential. Rozina is passionate about a society that is inclusive and allows each person to realize their full potential. Rozina is community activist who has dedicated herself to the service of her community. Rozina is a child of immigrant parents who learned early on the value of hard work and disciplined effort. She has the character and competence to be an excellent member of parliament.

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